Ionic 2 is now Production Ready

Ionic is the world’s most popular cross-platform mobile development technology. The Ionic framework provides the way for the creation of cross platform mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Ionic Framework uses Cordova and provides you with a UI framework that mimics the native UI. That means that you don’t have to worry about implementing a native-like UI and debugging all the quirks between web view implementations on different platforms. Ionic 2 is built on top of Angular 2, a very popular framework (made by Google) for developing web applications. After a long time of Ionic beta release now Ionic 2.0.0 final is out, Ionic 2 is production ready and API stable which means Ionic 2 is now Production Ready.


New Components

In Ionic 2 there are no more pesky controllers and $scope. They have been replaced with components which are classes with templates. Now ionic 2 comes with many new build in cross-platform components for building mobile apps, including full support of Material Design,modals,menus,toasts and new navigation system etc. It also contains many new powerful form controls such as DateTime picker.

ES6 or ECMAScript 6

New Angular2 supports ES6 and TypeScript, which looks a lot like Java, that means we can use all of the new ES6 syntax. ES6 isn’t universally supported by browsers now, but Ionic 2 transpires your code into valid ES5 code (which is the Javascript most people are familiar with using) when it is built. You won’t really see this happening unless you’re debugging the transpired code, so you can essentially just happily code away in ES6 and everything will just work.


Theming in ionic 2 has been easier than ever. Ionic is built on top of Sass, which allows us to set some default styles for your app but makes it extremely easy for you to change our defaults.
Ionic 2 supports three different modes: iOS, Material Design, and Windows.  A default Light theme is included with each new app. Themes can be created by setting the Sass variables Ionic uses to the colors of your choosing. May be they will roll out more pre-made themes soon, and be on the lookout for our Dark theme in the near future.

Improved performance

From the perspective of Ionic 2, page transitions and list scrolling now works better than ever … I’ve checked that … several times.

Improved animations 

This was the first thing I checked, animations has been improved a lot then old version.


Navigation in Ionic 2 is very different to Ionic 1. In Ionic 1 navigation was defined using URLs and you would activate these states by linking to them, which is a very “web” approach. In Ionic 2 a more “native” approach is used where pages are “pushed” and “popped”:
Ionic Serve Lab

Ionic 2 released with a facelift to Ionic Serve to make it even easier to preview different platforms side-by-side, right in your browser which now include iOS, Android and windows as well.


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