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When you are new in web development you always have questions such as Which is best IDE for web development? Which is a best web development tool? Which is best IDE tools for the developer etc. If you have any question from these, then you are at right place.

The main best and worst thing being a web developer is that web is constantly changing. This is exciting, but that also means web developers must be active to learn new techniques or programming languages and willing to accept new challenges. Web developers always looking for best IDE that make tasks easy and simple.  To make it easy for you and your team,  we have found some best IDE  for web development, which will help you a lot during web development.

Atom – A hackable text editor

Atom - Best IDE for web development

 Atom is a text editor that’s modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file. It is open source and comes with 50 open-source packages (plus a growing library of user submitted packages) that allow you to create just the right software for your needs.

Key features of Atom

  1. Cross-platform editing
  2. Built-in package manager
  3. Fuzzy finder for quickly opening files
  4. File system browser
  5. Multiple cursors and selections
  6. Code Folding
  7. A clean preferences UI
  8. Smart autocomplete
  9. Multiple panes
  10. Multiple Theme packages



  1. Mac OS X
  2. Windows
  3. Linux

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code - Best IDE for web development

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight,free, open source, cross platform and  powerful source code editor developed by Microsoft and it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. VS Code has done an excellent job building simple set of features that focus on making you productive with syntax highlighting, smart completion, integrated git, and the in editor debugger. They have taken great strides to create a fast and highly efficient work environment for programmers.

Key features of  Visual Studio Code

  1. IntelliSense
  2. Debugging
  3. Built-in Git
  4. Color Theme Live Preview
  5. Terminal
  6. Plugins To Make VS Code More Familiar
  7. Simple Project Manager
  8. Sort Lines


  1. Mac OS X
  2. Windows
  3. Linux

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit - Best IDE for web development

Komodo Edit, an editor developed by ActiveState, is a powerful editor which is  free and open source. This cross platform, Python based text editor is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux. Komodo Edit is extremely easy to use. It is simple and stripped down yet without relieving itself of important features, Edit greatly reduces the learning curve on programming languages by working hard to guide the developer on every step of the programming process.

Key features of Komodo Edit

  1. Projects and Places Manager
  2. Toolbox
  3. Auto complete
  4. Markdown Viewer
  5. Track Changes
  6. Multi Language


  1. Mac OS X
  2. Windows
  3. Linux



Brackets - Best IDE for web development

Adobe Brackets is an open source code editor by Adobe. It’s lightweight, fast, and free, and has a streamlined process for front-end development. Adobe Brackets is actually built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easily extendable and configurable for any front-end developer. When you open up brackets, you have access to the source code of the program.  It is designed to be minimal, yet powerful, with some unique and exciting features. One of those being Extract, which allows you to extract information directly from PSDs such as colors, fonts, gradients, and measurements as clean CSS with out contextual code hints. Sounds pretty rad to me!

Key features of Brackets

  1. Extract
  2. Extensions Support
  3. Constantly growing library of extensions
  4. Inline editors
  5. Live preview
  6. Preprocessor Support



  1. Widows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X


Sublime Text

Sublime Text - Best IDE for web development

Sublime Text is really popular text editor. From a design standpoint I’m a big fan. It just looks like something I’d enjoy working in. I like that its designed for code, markup, and prose. Sublime text is a beautiful, feature rich option for code writing and editing. A big draw for this editor is the fact that it puts a premium on user experience. This includes features like distraction free writing mode, quick shortcuts/search, split editing, and much more.

Key Features of Sublime Text:

  1. Goto Anything (lightning fast search/shortcuts)
  2. Command Palette
  3. Split Editing
  4. Highly customizable
  5. Multiple selections
  6. Distraction free writing mode
  7. Instant project switch
  8. Plugin API


  1. Widows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X


Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio - Best IDE for web development

Build web applications quickly and easily using the industry’s leading web application IDE. The Aptana Studio IDE is based on Eclipse, but with a slant towards JavaScript development, which Aptana has long been known for. It comes in both a Stand-alone Version and as an Eclipse Plug-in. With Aptana studio you can have more control over your PHP and Python code through additional plugins. For the advanced developer, you could easily come up with custom plugins to meet your needs. Aptana studio also comes with tight integration with the Aptana cloud and has a built in Jaxer server.

Key Features of Aptana Studio :

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code Assist
  2. Deployment Wizard
  3. Integrated Debugger
  4. Git Integration
  5. Built-in Terminal
  6. IDE Customization
  7. Code Tracking


  1. Widows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X


CodeLobster - Best IDE for web development

The best part of using CodeLobster is that you don’t have to keep in mind the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes – they have implemented all these along with auto-complete features for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS.

Key Features of CodeLobster:

  1. PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting
  2. PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code collapsing
  3. HTML autocomplete
  4. HTML/CSS code inspector
  5. HTML toolbar
  6. PHP Debugger
  7. JavaScript Advanced autocomplete
  8. And many more


  1. Widows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X



PHPStorm - Best web development IDE

PhpStorm is perfect for working with Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, Yii, and other frameworks. The editor actually ‘gets’ your code and deeply understands its structure, supporting all PHP language features for modern and legacy projects. It provides the best code completion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, and more.

Key Features of PhpStorm:

  1. Intelligent Coding Assistance
  2. Smart Code Navigation
  3. Fast and Safe Refactoring
  4. Easy Debugging and Testing
  5. Built-in developer tools


  1. Widows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X

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